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Simagic P2000 Pedal Hydraulic Loadcell

Simagic P2000 Pedal Hydraulic Loadcell

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A Faithful Replica of Race Car Cylinders
Co-developed with Motorsport Engineers, Providing You with Authentic Race Car Feel


Front Deadzone

3 in 1

Integrated Throttle

1: 1

Real Brake Cylinder

“3-in-1” Throttle Cylinder

An integrated design that offers easy adjustments of damping, travel, and force Loadcell sensor ensures precision and stability.

Real brake cylinder

The Brake System consists of a main pump and an auxiliary pump, connected via braided steel lines. Install your Auxiliary pump without limitations of angle and position. 4 spring options with different force level are included.

Patented Concave Clutch Structure

The unique Concave Clutch Design offers an augmented feeling when hitting the bite point. Loadcell sensor ensures precision and stability. 3 spring options are included.

Various Accessories, Versatile Applications

Apply accessories, upgrade your P2000R, achieve optimal and versatile experiences. Whether you are looking for the driving feel of a “family car” or a “race car”, you will always be satisfied with real authenticity. “Travel Limiter”, “Heel Stop”, “Foot Rest”, and more accessories are now available.

Next Gen Driver: SimPro Manager

You can customize the deadzones and the linearity (output curves) via SimPro Manager. All settings will be recorded automatically and can be saved manually into profiles. The settings apply to any simulators. No further in-game setting is needed