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Playseat Trophy Red - Direct Drive Ready Racing Seat

Playseat Trophy Red - Direct Drive Ready Racing Seat

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Finally, it’s here — a racing seat that can properly fuel or even fast-track your obsession with racing at top speeds. Is the Playseat® Trophy the real deal? Well, we’ve developed it with input from the best pro drivers around. We even gathered an impressive crew of esport talent for feedback. If you can’t tell, we’ve poured blood, sweat and tears (minimal) into it for the best part of three decades. There’s no surprise really that this chair’s seen as a groundbreaking piece of engineering. Isn’t it time you actually felt like you’re actually IN the game winning and winning big?

Meet the first ever product to feature our new extremely stable frameless structure where the seat naturally adapts to your body. We designed the Playseat® Trophy so racers of any age, shape and size will feel secure. You will feel the force feedback from the steering wheel If all goes to plan for you, this Trophy will give you thrill-a-second racing for an endless supply of seconds, minutes and hours.

Life’s too short. Race hard. Race long. How? You must prioritise your comfort. That’s what we’ve done with the Playseat® Trophy. Sure we need you to feel safe and secure and also that you won’t overheat thanks to its breathable ActiFit™ cover. Here’s to bringing the heat on the track and not elsewhere.

Created from steel alloys and space-grade aluminium, the Playseat® Trophy’s open cockpit offers a racing seat that’s as light as technically and humanly possible. It’s optimised to the hilt for Direct Drive wheelbases so feel it deep. Also, feel free to heel-and-toe shift with ease. We’ve optimised it for that too.

The Playseat® Trophy is fully-customisable, so find your perfect track position and get ready to get in the zone. To do that, you may need to adjust the seat height, backrest, seat hardness, bucket seat feeling, pedal plate and/or the steering wheelbase. It’s all super-easy. Challenge: Find your perfect racing position in seconds. Clock’s ticking. Easy.