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Fanatec CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle For PC (5 NM)

Fanatec CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle For PC (5 NM)

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CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2:
• Realistic size, suitable for many driving styles (300 mm)
• Rubberised wheel rim with improved ergonomics
• Integrated RevStripe™, which is a combined centre stripe and an engine RPM indicator, using a multi-colour LED
• Three-digit LED display smoothly integrated into the wheel rim below the RevStripe™ allows telemetry data such as speed or gears to be displayed in compatible games or third-party software
• Metal shifter paddles, snap-dome-activated “click” feeling
• 4-way direction pad with push button
• Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay (see description of compatible wheel base/racing wheel for details)
• Tool-free ‘QR1 Lite Wheel-Side’ quick release:
• Improved ease of use (no clamping bolt required) and durability
• Exchangeable, supports QR1 Wheel-Side (ClubSport Quick Release Adapter)*
• Lightweight for fast acceleration and fidelity, only 1220 g (including QR1 Lite Wheel-Side)

• Direct-Drive system delivers instant, detailed force feedback
• Linear, consistent performance (5 Nm peak torque)
• Optional Boost Kit 180 (sold separately) unlocks maximum strength (8 Nm peak torque)
• Patented, exclusive FluxBarrier technology optimises motor efficiency and smoothness
• Full Fanatec SDK support ensures game compatibility out of the box for all major racing games
• Standard Tuning Menu allows beginners to get started quickly without having to worry about settings
• Advanced Tuning Menu allows enthusiasts to fine-tune the force feedback characteristics to suit their driving preferences
• High-resolution (contactless) Hall-position-sensor, same as Podium Series
• Steering axis made from carbon fibre-enhanced composite
• Fanless: wheel base housing is made from aluminium (passive heat sink, core structural component) with composite end caps
• Rotation: 2520 degrees (electronically limited, adjustable)
• Slip ring system (life-tested for thousands of hours) provides cable-free delivery of power and data to steering wheels
• Automotive-grade quick release, exchangeable
• T-nut rail system on sides and bottom for easily adjustable hard-mounting
• Optional table clamp (sold separately), supports 5 to 60 mm table thickness
• Ports:
• Power supply
• USB-C to PC / console
• Fanatec DataPort-C
• Shifter 1
• Shifter 2 (Sequential only)
• Pedal
• Handbrake
• Front-mounted threaded inserts for Fanatec accessories (e.g. ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles, available separately). Not intended for front-mounting the wheel base to a sim racing chassis/cockpit.

CSL Pedals:
• Two-pedal set (throttle and brake), upgradeable to three pedals (upgrade kits sold separately)
• All-metal construction (excluding pedal faces). Pedals are made from heavy steel, which helps to prevent the set from sliding on the floor (if not hard-mounted to a rig)
• Optional anodised aluminium pedal plates (CSL Pedals Tuning Kit, sold separately)
• Contactless Hall sensors (12-bit) on both brake and throttle for high precision and durability
• Brake pedal spring is stiffer than throttle pedal spring, PU foam damper adds additional resistance for progressive braking feel
• Upgrade to a three-pedal configuration with Clutch Kit or Load Cell Kit (sold separately)
• CSL Pedals Clutch Kit provides a third pedal for the lowest price
• CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit also provides a third pedal, and upgrades the brake and electronics
• Pedal position can be adjusted sideways along heel rest
• Height-adjustable pedal faces
• Modular design means inverted mounting to a rig is possible
• Vertical rear plates allow pedals to be easily braced against a wall or other vertical surface
• Pearl chrome plating on pedal bases and arms
• Black powder coating on heel rest