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Simagic TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake

Simagic TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake

Giá thông thường 12,890.00 ฿
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi 12,890.00 ฿
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Immersive Sensations Relive the Thrill of Speed
Exceptional Hydraulic System, Authentic Replication of a Real brake system. Reproduces 1:1 braking feel for an immersive experience. Innovative elastomers designed for easy replacement. Accurately achieve your desired feeling. Precise Resistance for an Exhilarating Rally/Drift Racing Experience. A reliable choice for enthusiasts who demand authenticity.

Pro Racer's Choice Unleash Your Potential, Experience Exhilarating Performance
Hydraulic System is Designed and Recommended by Racing Engineers Nine elastomers with Four Stiffness Variations, Customizable to Accommodate Various Forces. Easily Recreate the Feel of Any Racing Car.

Accurate Feedback Empowering You with Complete Control
Optional Haptic Feedback Module, Featuring an In-house Developed Linear Motor. Precise Control and Feedback, Feel Tire Lock-up through the Handbrake. Clear Feedback and Immersive Vehicle Dynamics Provide Enhanced Realism for Experienced Sim Racing Drivers.

Devoted to Your Needs Unleash a New Era of Driving
Adjustable Handle Offers Four Different Angles. Innovative Rotatable Hydraulic Reservoir Design allows installation in various positions. You Can Choose to Use the Handbrake Vertically or Horizontally. Suitable for Virtually Any Seating Position or Control Requirement.

Premium Quality Exceeding Expectations For a Superior Racing Experience
High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Structure, Ensuring Maximum Durability. Maintains Optimal Performance During Intense Use. Exquisite Craftsmanship, Offering Exceptional Value for Money High-Precision CNC Machining for Enhanced Accuracy. Delivers a Precise and Outstanding Driving Experience for Drifting or Rally Racing.

Unleash Your Individuality Unspoken Creative Brilliance
Replaceable Handle Grips, Compatible with a Variety of Aftermarket Grip Sets, Catering to each Player's Individual Needs.

SimPro Manager 2.0 Convenient Setup and Easy Adjustability
Software and Firmware with Automatic Detection and Updates. Easy Setup and User-Friendly Operation.

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