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Simagic Maglink Universal Converter for Simagic Wheels

Simagic Maglink Universal Converter for Simagic Wheels

Giá thông thường 890.00 ฿
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi 890.00 ฿
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Upgrade your racing setup effortlessly with the Simagic Magnetic Wheel Connection Kit! Simagic’s revolutionary Maglink technology now brings 3rd party compatibility to all SIMAGIC wheels, seamlessly connecting your wheel and wheelbase for an unparalleled racing experience.
Key Features:
1. Maglink Compatibility:
* 3rd party compatibility available on all SIMAGIC wheels with Maglink.
* Fits perfectly with most 50mm & 70mm Quick Releases (QRs) on the market.
2. Seamless Software Connection:
* Expand your ecosystem with a hassle-free software connection.
3. Revolutionary Magnetic Connection Design:
* Patent magnetic connection design for immediate linking of your wheel and wheelbase.
* Just "Plug," and you're ready to play!
4. Enhanced Data Transfer:
* Better data transfer capability for improved performance.
* Supports modular wheel display telemetry, giving you more information on the wheel.
5. Consistency & Stability:
* Better stability than Type-C connection.
* Ensures consistent excitement in your racing endeavors.
Upgrade your racing game with the Simagic Magnetic Wheel Connection Kit and enjoy a new level of consistency, stability, and compatibility in your setup. Just plug and play your way to victory.

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