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Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Pro

Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Pro

Giá thông thường 35,890.00 ฿ THB
Giá thông thường Giá bán 35,890.00 ฿ THB
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Flight Seat Pro (NLR-S033) to the Flight Stand Pro (NLR-S032).
• Market leading design and features supporting Commercial, General Aviation, Space, Helicopter, and Military configurations, with authenticity, comfort, and realism.
• Versatile compatibility with major brands such as Thrustmaster, Virpil Controls®, WINWING, Realsimgear, and more.
• Extremely rigid and wide frame design, adjustable rudder pedal plate, and center HOTAS mounting pole offer customizable options for your ideal setup.
• Ergonomic design with a swivel flight plate arm, mouse/keyboard holder, footrest, and seat harness enhancing comfort and immersion.
• Compatibility with Next Level Racing® Motion Products**
• Included accessories such as the Flight Keyboard and Mouse Mat, Gaming Chair Cradle, and Lockable Castor Wheels add convenience and functionality.
• **To enable motion compatibility, the Flight Seat Pro needs to be attached to the Flight Stand Pro. Motion Combination: 1X Motion Plus Platform and 1X Motion Platform V3.

• Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro need to be purchased separately. Users need to purchase SKU: NLR-S032 + NLR-S033
• Hardware for assembly with extra hardware for hard mounting peripherals

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