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Fanatec CSL Steering Wheel Flat 1 Complete

Fanatec CSL Steering Wheel Flat 1 Complete

Giá thông thường 15,490.00 ฿ THB
Giá thông thường Giá bán 15,490.00 ฿ THB
Giảm giá Đã bán hết
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ClubSport Wheel Rim Flat 1:
• Aluminium wheel rim with a diameter of 275 mm
• Genuine leather (suede)
• Weight: 692 g

 CSL Universal Hub:
• Innovative expanding design allows the hub to adjust to many sizes of wheel rim
• Lightweight, stepless slider mechanism expands by 60 mm
• Shifter paddle width adjustable from 214 mm to 274 mm (at widest point)
• Shifter paddles with snap-dome activation
• Integrated button islands (non-removable)
• Eight standard buttons with snap-dome activation
• 2-way rocker switch
• Two 2-way toggle switches
• Tuning Menu button for instant access to force feedback and other Fanatec hardware adjustments
• Three-digit LED display for Tuning Menu functions and telemetry data from compatible games or third-party software
• 7-way FunkySwitch™: left, right, up, and down directional inputs, push button, and rotary encoder functionality
• Tool-free QR1 Lite Wheel-Side (Simplified Quick Release Adapter) design:
• Improved ease of use (no clamping bolt required) and durability
• Exchangeable, supports ClubSport Quick Release Adapter, unlocking High Torque Mode on Podium wheel bases
• Low weight of 870 g (with Simplified Quick Release Adapter, not including wheel rim) for fast acceleration and fidelity
• DataPort-C connector ready for future upgrades
• Can be used with all Fanatec wheel rims and all third-party rims using the 6 x 70 mm or 3 x 50 mm bolt pattern (e.g. Sparco, MOMO, OMP)
• Allows the use of third-party steering wheels with USB cables on all compatible Fanatec bases

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