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Cube Controls

Cube Controls QRX Motor Side

Cube Controls QRX Motor Side

Giá thông thường 2,380.00 ฿
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi 2,380.00 ฿
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The QRX system from Cube Controls provides a quick release system for Sim steering wheels. Manufactured from high grade 7075 alloy and utilising a conical self centering system with spring loaded locking rods for a quick and precise attaching of the wheel.

  • Adjustable wedge system eliminates play for precise steering feedback
  • Fits to any 50.8mm or 70mm PCD steering systems
  • Compatible with the standard Cube Controls to USB coiled cable
  • No need to unplug any wiring to remove the steering wheel

The Cube Controls QRX quick release is available as a complete kit comprising of both motor (base) and wheel sides, or alternatively the 2 sides are available separately. This is for the base side only

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