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Cube Controls

Cube Controls GT-X2 Steering Wheel

Cube Controls GT-X2 Steering Wheel

Giá thông thường 70,890.00 ฿
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi 70,890.00 ฿
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Discover the new GT-X2, the top-notch GT, incorporating Cube Controls' motorsport experience.The images shown are for illustration purposes only

The new GT-X2 completes the new generation of GTs! Choose between a diameter of 30 or 32 cm and get ready for a unique experience. The steering wheel consists of a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (PA 66, CF30) front plate available in 4 different colors (black, white, green, and red) and a diecast aluminum back plate. It features a 5″ touchscreen display, backlit buttons, front and rear toggle switches, 3 encoders, 2 thumb encoders, and 2 funky switches.

Completing the GT collection The line between Sim Racing and Motorsport is becoming increasingly blurred and the GT-X2 is proof of this. Equipped with a 5" touch screen, customizable via Simhub, in the dashboard and button color profile, the GT-X2 is designed for the most demanding sim drivers. One of the biggest innovations is also the interchangeable grip system, which makes it easy to change the diameter from 30 cm to 32 cm and vice versa. Of course, the GT-X2 has all the features of the other Cube Controls wheels, such as the Q-CONN cable connection.

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