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Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition

Playseat Trophy Logitech G Edition

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A new standard has been set. Get the ultimate immersive racing experience with a groundbreaking patented design. Extreme rigidity comes from a lightweight carbon frame. Long-lasting durability is achieved with powder coating finish, high-grade steel alloys, anodised aluminum parts—plus PU leather. Whether at home or in competitions, Playseat Trophy - Logitech G Edition changes the game and supports the full range of Logitech G Wheel and Pedal gear


Playseat’s Innovative ActiFit material comfortably conforms to your body, giving you the best support possible, so you can feel the full input from your Logitech G racing gear. ActiFit material also dissipates heat so you can race for long stints without overheating.


Fully adjustable so you can put the wheel and pedal right where you want them. Tilt forward and backward, and move up or down. Racers of any age, shape and size will feel secure and ready to race.

Open cockpit design enables free body movement for optimal wheel and pedal performance. Backrest reclines separately with fully adjustable lumbar support. Seat can be softer or more firm depending on your preference.

The pedal and steering plates feature unique movement to accommodate a wide variety of racing styles. All adjustments bolt down to be completely rigid and tolerance free.