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Trak Racer

Giá đỡ màn hình đơn Trak Racer cho TR8

Giá đỡ màn hình đơn Trak Racer cho TR8

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Trak Racer TR8 Pro Integrated Single Monitor Stand

Provision for displays with VESA Mounting at 75mm and 100mm (via main plate) and 200mm, 300mm and 400mm (via the included mount extensions)

The Trak Racer TR8 Pro deserves an Integrated Single Monitor Stand with the same high-quality build.

The TR8 Pro Integrated Monitor Stand bolts firmly to the TR8 Pro and suits most monitors and televisions on the market with VESA Mounting Points at 75mm/100mm/200mm/300mm/400mm. Enhance your gaming, entertainment or business experience with the premium monitor stand from Trak Racer.

Top Quality Build with Full Adjustment
The upgraded Trak Racer monitor stands are not just better looking than the competition but they are also more adjustable. The stand features easy adjustment of the vertical height of the display and slide on the horizontal plate (forward and back).

Our stands are inspired by our cockpits and designed for maximum stability and strength. Each stand comes from quality core materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Mounts Most Monitors with the Included VESA Mount
Our monitor stands feature 75mm-400mm mounting points to suit most monitors and TVs on the market.

Warranty: 3 Year Replacement


Holds monitors or TVs up to 70"
Suitable for most display mounting points
Specifically designed for the Trak Racer TR8 Pro
Fully Adjustable allowing you to distance from the seat and height of the monitor or TV
Strong Steel Construction
Solid Sim-Mounting
Built to the high-quality standard as all Trak Racer products
Fast and Easy Setup


Trak Racer Single Monitor Stand
Separated VESA Mounting Plate with Height Adjustment
VESA Expansion Kit (200mm - 400mm mounting)
Full set of mounting screws

Official Racing Simulator of Alpine F1 Team and Official Flight Simulator of Airbus Aircraft

Since 2008, Trak Racer has been favored by professional drivers/pilots, game centers, massive gaming events, and event hire companies. By offering the highest quality gear in the industry, Trak Racer has collaborated with big-name brands such as, but not limited to, Alpine F1, Airbus, Xbox, Ubisoft, Sony, Castrol, Accord Hotels, and more.

Disclaimer. Trak Racer takes no responsibility for damage caused to personal effects while using this product. No Electronics (eg Monitors or gaming cockpit) are included with this listing.

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