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GSI Gomez Sim Industries

GSI Gomez Sim Industries AH100 Hub Extension

GSI Gomez Sim Industries AH100 Hub Extension

Giá thông thường 7,890.00 ฿
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi 7,890.00 ฿
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The GSI AH100 hub is the latest extension in the GSI product range. Like alI GSI products, this hub has a uncompromising level of design, quality and strength. Extending the shaft by 100mm, it is constructed out of billet 6061 aluminum for maximum strength and reliability. This shaft extension looks the business and handles it even better.

Each side uses a 70mm PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter). One side has all threaded holes, while the other side has all non-threaded holes allowing for a wide range of wheel and base connections. The AH100 models are anodized in Blue, Gold, Black, Red, Purple, and Lime Green.

*Each hub comes with six M5 x 12mm screws for mounting.

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