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Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Ferrari SF1000 Simulator (10NM)

Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Ferrari SF1000 Simulator (10NM)

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T818’s design has been optimized to really take advantage of the full potential of Direct Drive Force Feedback technology. The custom-designed motor takes into account the weight of Thrustmaster wheel rims, and delivers a constant 10 N⋅m of torque, with no saturation, to offer outstanding angular acceleration. The result: smooth, powerful and turbocharged Force Feedback, allowing you to feel the sensations of real-world racing.

Effects transmitted by the game are replicated by T818 without any filters, for incredibly detailed and accurate reflection of the game developer’s true intentions. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better you can get to know every aspect of the vehicle that you’re driving — including its limits. But be careful: any mistakes you might make will be even more costly. Nobody ever said that driving 125 mph / 200 km/h was easy.

T818 ushers in the new “Fast Release” wheel attachment system: now you can swap racing wheel rims in just 5 seconds, without any tools. The system is compatible with all next-gen Thrustmaster wheel rims, or rims equipped with the Quick Release Adapter. When you’re competing, each and every gram counts: crafted of aluminum and high-strength plastic, this system ensures solid attachment without adding any unnecessary weight, thereby maintaining T818’s shaft mass.

The T818 racing wheel base is compatible with all wheel rims in the Thrustmaster racing ecosystem, thanks to the Quick Release Adapter. Thrustmaster pedal sets, shifters and handbrakes* are also 100% compatible. T818 even features an RJ45 port that will support a new type of ecosystem in the future.
*Via USB on PC

RGB LEDs in a hexagon layout are built right into the front of T818. Create your preferred lighting ambience by adjusting the LEDs’ colors and intensity. The LEDs can even interact with telemetry data transmitted by the game, giving you additional visual feedback. The list of compatible games and available functions is regularly updated on the Thrustmaster support website.
*This feature will be available with a firmware update post-launch

Customize your T818’s look with interchangeable metal plates. 5 colors are available at launch, allowing you to easily switch up your styles. Using the 4 attachment points on the underside of T818, the Cockpit Mounting Kit* and Desk Mounting Kit* let you easily adapt T818 to fit your setup.
*Sold separately