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Pimax Crystal Light Virtual Reality Headset

Pimax Crystal Light Virtual Reality Headset

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High-end PCVR for everyone
  • Ultra-sharp 2880 x 2880 resolution per eye.
  • Glass aspheric lenses with a large sweet spot.
  • 35 PPD for super clear vision.
  • Variable refresh rate (60Hz, 72Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz) provides smooth gameplay.
  • Manually adjustable IPD (58-72mm).
  • Foveated Rendering: Fixed 2.0.
  • Easy setup with inside-out tracking or expand with Lighthouse tracking.
  • Audio: interchangeable 3.5mm jack, 2x microphone.

Crystal Clear, Expansive Sweet Spot

35 PPD Glass Aspheric Lenses Deliver Unrivaled Clarity

Crystal Light

Unparalleled Graphics with 2880 X 2880 Pixels

Through The Lens Pictures

"Unbeliveable. Everything, the colors, the display, the resolution, the field of view, and even the comfort is great. This is very close to OLED quality. Excellent work. The display is outstanding."


"The Crystal Light is much lighter. The visuals are incredible, everything so sharp and clear. It feels like you're actually looking out the window of a plane. For flight sim enthusiasts, this is a dream come true!"

“I was amazed by the visuals, it was the first time I've used a headset where I wasn't immediately noticing aliasing/shimmering. I could easily read distant signs as I moved around the track, I don't think you'd be anything but impressed coming from other headsets.”

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Weight Reduced, Clarity Preserved

Shedding 310 grams without sacrificing clarity: Battery, Power Cable, DP Extension Cord, and More Removed for Enhanced Comfort

Reinhard Roscher
Founder and CEO of CAD-Forge GmbH

Sajjad Khan
Operator of RPM Rush

Christian Krause
Founder of Lasertag Arena Siegen

Remco de Jong
Managing Director of Unbound XR

Quick Setup


Connect the Headset

Connect the headset to PC, connect the power adapter to the Pimax cable.


Download Pimax Play

Download Pimax Play at


Pair the Device

Pair your headset and controllers via Pimax Play. Start playing the game.

Warranty Terms & Condition

For full information please refer to official warranty terms from

  • Headset - 12 months
  • Accessories - 6 months
  • THINK OF SIM is the authorized distributor and service center for Pimax products that are purchase from from Think Of Sim only.
  • Warranty and service for Pimax purchased elsewhere is not covered by Think Of Sim.
  • All warranty claims must be done with the proof of purchase from Think Of Sim.