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Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 Pro Bundle

Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 Pro Bundle

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CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2:
• Full-scale replica of a McLaren GT3 Steering Wheel
• Officially licensed by McLaren Automotive Limited
• Officially licensed for Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S (learn more)
• Two analogue paddles with reinforced honeycomb pattern, supporting four switchable modes:
• Clutch bite-point mode (standard/advanced)
• Clutch/handbrake mode
• Brake/throttle mode (allows drivingwithout pedals connected)
• Mappable axis mode
• Clutch bite-point system can be used in any game with analogue clutch input
• Magnetic shifters for superior tactile response
• Rocker-type paddle made from anodised aluminium allows up and down-shifts with one hand (possible on both sides)
• Diamond texture grips on shifter and clutch paddles
• Tool-free QR1 Lite Wheel-Side (Simplified Quick Release Adapter) design:
• Improved ease of use (no clamping bolt required) and durability
• Exchangeable, supports ClubSport Quick Release Adapter, unlocking HighTorque Mode on Podium wheel bases
• 1”, 128 x 64 resolution OLED display(white)
• Two 2-way toggle switches
• Multi-Position Switches: two 12-position switches, configurable as endless rotary encoders
• 7-way FunkySwitch™: left, right, up, and down directional inputs, push button, and rotary encoder functionality
• Two high-bezel snap-dome buttons with laser-engraved P and N lettering. Identical resistance to the buttons on the real wheel
• Seven standard buttons with exchangeable button caps
• Tuning Menu button for instant access to force feedback and other Fanatec hardware adjustments
• Overmolded rubber grips (like the original GT3 wheel) with 50 Shore A hardness
• Racing-style button caps included
• Button label placement indicators for placing additional indicators such as "VIEW" & "KERS" (sticker set included)
• Xbox® mode LED indicator
• Weight 1090 g (with QR1 Lite Wheel-Side) / 1280 g with QR1 Wheel-Side
• 300 mm diameter

QR1 Wheel-Side (ClubSport Quick Release Adapter):
• Automotive-grade QR1 quick release mechanism
• Upgrades QR1 Lite Wheel-Side (Simplified Quick Release Adapter), allows High-Torque Mode on Podium Wheel Bases on supported Steering Wheels
• Full aluminium body
• Matte-black aluminium release sleeve
• Smooth and rigid steel spring in the sleeve
• Robust connection incorporates:
• Ball lock mechanism
• Torque notch
• Security bolt (optional)
• Weight: 295 g

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