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Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wireless Wheel - Black Edition

Simucube Tahko GT-21 Wireless Wheel - Black Edition

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Features of the wheel are based on the request, conditions, and feedback from racers venturing into the world of high-end sim racing.
• Two digital and adjustable magnetic paddles
• 7–way switch (4 directions, rotary encoder, middle button)
• Ten high-quality industrial-grade buttons
• Rotary encoder
• Wireless technology utilizing Simucube Wireless Wheel System
• 320 mm. lightweight CNC-Finished steel flat GT-Rim with durable Suede fabric finish
• Weight 2.1 kg.

Perfect compatibility with Simucube 2 wheel bases, and industrial-grade robustness with functional design. No flex, no compromises, only Simucube quality.
• Simucube Wheelside Quick Release Included in all official Simucube Wheels
• Precision milled aluminum
• Easy to swap battery that lasts for at least five years of active use
• Black Emblem

The Simucube button is a new way for racers to change the most common force feedback parameters straight from the wheel while driving.
• Parameter adjustments can be made while driving
• The Simucube button is a unifying feature in all coming Simucube steering wheels, as well as in Simucube Wireless Wheel 2 modules

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