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Moza R5 ES Formula Wheel Mod by Think Of Sim

Moza R5 ES Formula Wheel Mod by Think Of Sim

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ES Formula Wheel Mod
Transforms the ES Wheel into A 280mm Formula Wheel

280mm Formula
Wheel Mod
With dimensions matching a real formula racing wheel, the 280mm ES formula wheel mod is designed for immersion, realism, and performance.

Aviation Grade
Aluminum Body
Using 4mm-thick aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the wheel rim mod is durable and rigid whilst remaining highly responsive thanks to this long-lasting lightweight alloy.

Rubber Grips
The grips are injection molded using environmentally friendly TPU rubber. They are non-slip, sweat-proof, and durable with a premium feel.

Racing-level Quick Release System
MOZA's all aluminum, quick release system allows for effortless changing of wheel rims.Whether you are rallying or racing in F1, swap wheels in mere seconds.
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