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Moza 12-inch Round Wheel Mod for ES

Moza 12-inch Round Wheel Mod for ES

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12-inch Round Wheel Mod

  • 12-inch Round Wheel Mod for ES Steering Wheel
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Microfiber Leather Grips
  • Aluminum Wheel Rim
  • Lightweight Design
  • Shifter Paddle Extension Block

    12-inch Round Wheel Mod

    This round wheel mod has a diameter of 12 inches or 305mm, which is 25mm larger than the original ES wheel. The increase in size brings the wheel closer to the dimensions of a real car, providing a more realistic driving experience. This modification is particularly great for drifting enthusiasts!

    Ergnomic Design

    The grips located at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions have been thoughtfully designed without any stitching in order to maximize the sensation of the hand while preventing any discomfort that might arise from friction between the thumbs and stitches.

    Microfiber Leather Grips

    The grips utilize microfiber leather and are crafted with exquisite hand-wrapping techniques.

    Aluminum Wheel Rim

    Using aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the wheel rim mod is durable and rigid.

    Lightweight Design

    The wheel rim mod has a remarkably low weight of 850g and weighs about 1.4kg with the button box. This low weight reduces its moment of inertia, improving its responsiveness and ability to reproduce road details.

    Shifter Paddle Extension Block

    We've included shifter paddle extension blocks in the package to ensure a comfortable driving experience with the larger wheel rim mod. You won't have to worry about the extended distance between the wheel rim and your hands.