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ชุดเล่นเกม Trak Racer FS3 Steering Wheel Stand Simulator [ส่งฟรี[

ชุดเล่นเกม Trak Racer FS3 Steering Wheel Stand Simulator [ส่งฟรี[

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Why just mount your new wheel on a desk! Get a full and stable gaming experience with Trak Racer’s FS3 Premium Wheel Stand. The FS3 has the most adjustable wheel mount on the market, along with an adjustable pedal plate and gear shifter mount.

The upgraded FS3 wheel stand isn't just built to be more attractive than its rivals; it's completely adjustable from the adjustable feet all the way up to the 3-point adjustable wheel deck. With such adjustability, the result is a reduction in stress to your shoulders and back while racing.

Bolted to the chassis, the wheel deck on the FS3 will prove to be the strongest amongst its competition. After its overall stability, the wheel deck is the stand-out feature of the FS3. The deck has the ability to slide 30mm for the perfect grip and angle adjustment that gives you the most comfortable position.

The design of all Track Racer simulators is inspired by industry professionals as well as professional sim and road racers. Each product brings together the highest quality materials with second-to-none craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing processes


• High quality chassis with assembly instructions
• Left/Right adjustable gear shifter mount
• Angle and height adjustable wheel mount
• Angle adjustable pedal mount
• Tools and screws for assembly

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