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PT Actuator

PT Actuator - Active Belt Tensioner

PT Actuator - Active Belt Tensioner

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Active Belt Tension System, is unlike any system on the market today. We deploy a system of closed loop DC servos, twin 24V 6 amps servo drives direct mounted to a high precision industrial gearbox, how precise you may ask? Our tolerance is 3 arc/minute, that’s precise in anyone’s language. This is connected to a output shaft creating the rotation and tension so you feel those heavy braking zones without snapping your collarbones.

Do not worry you can work without having a PT Actuators motion platform so it’s a excellent small invest for great step in immersion. But wait there’s more! Through those wizards at SRS and the big brain engineers at PT Actuators we don’t just tension and release we give you independent left and right belt tensioning, this is sets us above all competition you feel the belt tightening as you do in a real car, even down to the auto tensioning when you crank the ignition.

PT Actuator and Sim Racing Studio have become synonymous with high quality and simplicity. The Active Belt Tensioning System is no different, gone are those noisey stepper motors and inaccurate mechanical levers our competitors. Our system is designed and tested over thousands of cycles to deliver the same premium performance like the day you installed it.

Hardware List 
PTA-SRS Active Belt Tensioner  x1pc 
USB-B data communication cable(2 meter) x1pc 
PTA Tension R USB Isolator  x1pc 
AC/DC Adapter 110-240Vac 50/60Hz Max 2.5A( Output: 24VDC, 15A, 360W, IP20) 
5 Point Harness Strap Belt kit  x1 pc( Color:Drab Red )  
Power train system (DC closed loop servo motor plus planetary gearbox) 
Max. belt rolling linear speed:  120mm/s ( Original rolling shaft diameter ) 
Max. pull force: 15kg 
Max. acceleration: 380mm/ms 
Mounting plate brackets ( PT LOGO )     x1pc 
Software: Sim Racing Studio-Plug&Play